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Missy, a very sweet but shy dog was adopted from our rescue, but unfortunately escaped from her new owners home the same day.  The new owners and PRAR volunteers spent hours looking for her and attempted to lure her into captivity. Many people in the community called to tell us they had seen her and put food out. She had a range of travel of about 3-4 miles.  Day after day more sightings but no one could get close. A trap was set to catch Missy at the home of local friends of the shelter. We knew with Missy's past she was familiar with being out on her own, as her previous home had burnt down and sent her on the road only weeks before. As another week passed we heard reports she was now injured and not using her back leg. We spent even more time trying to catch her. We knew time was of the essence. More calls than ever came in, she was making the same rounds to various peoples homes. Then we finally received the call we had been waiting for, Missy was in the trap we had set.  

Missy had been hit by a car and her rear leg was broken.  She received the medical attention she needed and was reunited with her anxious owners, who had been very  involved in the search. They were so excited to get her home. Since then Missy has become a happy dog living the life she was meant to live.

Thanks everyone who helped us reunite Missy with her family!

Squirrel (cat)

*Day after adoption*

Making herself at home

Rose (Retriever mix)

Returning to say “Hi”

Bailey-longtime resident at PRAR

Finally finding his forever home!

If you have a “Happy Tail” you would like to share, e-mail us at  Attn: Happy Tail.

Boss, Pitbull mix

Zena, German Shepherd, loves the addition of Boss into her family!!


Chaos, black Pit bull mix, was turned over to Priest River Animal Rescue as a puppy.  She was an excitable little puppy, not housebroken.  She spend a few months in our kennel until adopted but was returned 6 months later for failing to adapt to “farm life”  When she was returned to us she had a horrible skin allergy all over her face and ears.  She stayed in our kennels for several more months…she started ignoring human contact and getting a little “bossy” with all the other dogs.  Finally her forever family came from Spokane to look specifically at Choas.  It was love at first site!  Choas is now happy in her home with her brother, Leroy (more white Pit Bull)  Choas loves to jump and play in the water!