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Lost & Found Pet Directory

Neutered Male cat lost 08/20/17

from Hoo Doo Loop Rd

Please contact Bretta with any information:


Phone: 509-435-2526

Lost dog 9/08/2017-HooDoo Mountain

 1/2 Australian Shepherd and 1/2 Border Collie mix, unaltered male. He is white and black with short straight hair. He is almost 5 years old and comes to name Neeko. He came up missing early Friday morning.

Please contact Angela with any information:

Phone: 208-217-0717/208-597-2579

Found Cat 3/02/17-Priest River

Found on West Settlement Road, Priest River. Orange and white small Cat. Very thin, beaten up, bloodied ear. Starving. Very good with other cats/dogs and people.

Please contact Talia Philipoff with any information:


Phone: 208-304-4145

Lost Dog 8/5/2016-Wrenco Loop, Idaho

Small black female dog. She is a service dog to a 13 year old girl and disappeared.  She is sometimes sweet or shy.

Please contact Paola Febles with any information:


Phone: 770-543-8237

Found Cat 4/9/2017-Newport

Long-haired black cat, two bald spots on either side of neck, extremely sweet.

Please contact Anna Chavis with any information:


Phone: 509-589-0706

Found Dog 4/19/2017-4 lanes near Newport

Small dog that looks to be a Chihuahua-mix. (Possibly with a wiener dog) looks to be in good health, very sweet and nice to everyone.

Please contact Kaitlyn Oxford with any information:


Phone: 509-342-6677

Lost Dog 4/23/2017-Rapid lightning area Sandpoint ID

His name is Rooster.  Color brown. Weight 60lbs. Two collars, one is an orange shock collar  the other a camo. Collar with a blue rabies tag, that is frayed. He has a missing bottom canine.  I think it is the right one

Please contact Deanna Reed with any information:

Phone: 208-263-9152

Lost Cat 4/29/2017-Spring Valley Rd Newport WA

Female cat, black and white with black mustache looking marking, Small body.

Please contact Kaleigh Kirschbaum with any information:

Phone: 208-691-4094


Lost cat 5/06/17 Sagle, ½ mile off Durort Rd

Female tabby, left ear tip, right ear a little tore up on side. She is microchipped. About 3 years old

Please contact Suzi Black with any information:

Phone: 208-588-9435


 Lost Dachshund 5/26/17 in Deer Park WA

All black neutered male dachshund was last seen by the RR tracks by Mix Park and Levis.  His name is Dexter, has a gimpy back lag and was wearing a green collar with tags.

Please contact Arika Thomas with any information

Phone: 509-844-3335


Lost cat 5/22/17 E Blanchard Rd, Newport WA

Male red pointed Siamese mix with blue eyes, short coat

Please contact Autumn Galey with any information:

Phone: 509-380-7514


 Lost Cat 6/04/17 Highway 2 south of Newport

Lost Highway 2 mile marker 332 South of Newport.

Kit is a neutered male cat.  He is mostly black with white paws and a white tummy and almost has a white ring around his neck with no collar.  He is also missing some whiskers over his right eye and only has 1 whisker over his left eye.  He is an Indoor/out door cat.

Please contact Bill and Aubrey with any information

Phone: 509-671-5260


No Photo

 Lost Dog 6/28/17 West Settlement Road

Lost on West Settlement Road, Priest River (upper plateau)

June 28. We've lost our 9 year old Newfie named Azimuth (Azzy). He's recently had a haircut, but still has a fluffy face and bushy tail. He has an auto-immune disease that makes his nose look really raw and sometimes scabby--if you've seen him, you'll know what I'm describing exactly. He has a small white dot on his upper chest. He is gun-shot shy and we're wondering if he was spooked or if someone found him roaming around our dirt road and thought he was lost. He's our sweet, gentle, loving family monster and we hope to see him home soon.

Please contact Kate with any information

Phone: 208-610-9841


 Lost Dog 7/1/17 Hwy 20 and Deeter Road Newport WA

Lost on 427551 Hwy 20 by Deeter Road Newport WA

Mogen is a brown short haired mix Rhodesian Ridgeback, Australian Shepherd, Pitbull around 40 pounds.  He has a very distinct stripe down his back that is dark brown, a patch of white chest hair and white nose. He's chipped and when last seen had a Green Bay Packers collar and tags with contact info.

Please contact Jamie with any information

Phone: 509-868-7269


 Lost Dog 7/4/17 Sailors Lane, Priest River ID/Newport WA

Spayed female with bright blue eyes, she is a small Australian shepherd. Her coat is tortoiseshell colored. Multicolor of red, brown, tan, white, blue.  She has long hair, with a curled tail.  She ran away due to fireworks and is wary of other people but she may come to you because she is scared. Her name is Minka.

Please contact Caitlin with any information

Phone: 509-863-8979