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Lost & Found Pet Directory

Neutered Male cat lost 08/20/17

from Hoo Doo Loop Rd

Please contact Bretta with any information:


Phone: 509-435-2526

Lost Dog 9/24/17-Sagle on Jewel Lake rd

Neutered male-White dog with brown patches. He was wearing a blue collar with id tags his name is buster but the phone number on the tag is out of date. 17 years old and he needs his pain meds. Please help us bring our beloved dog home.

Please contact Cindy with any information:


Phone: 509-998-8202

Lost Dog 10/8/17-Cusick WA, Bond Road

Unaltered male-Black lab goes by Rooger, roopie, roo

Please contact Ashleigh with any information:


Phone: 509-671-6273

Lost  Cat 10/7/2017-Southshore Rd in Diamond Lake

Three month old long haired male (unaltered) cat, grey with traces of white. Very lovable and 'talks' quite a bit.

Phone: 253-948-7559

Lost Cat 10/5/2017-Liberty Lake around Barker and Indiana

Neutered male-He is a 12 lb. Ocicat- brown with dark brown/black spots. He is very verbal, and has a blue collar with a bell. He is also microchipped. Any help would be greatly appreciated! .

Please contact Jessica with any information:


Phone: 208-255-6169

Lost Dog 1/15/2018-Elk WA

Female Lhasa Apso, white and brown sable color was last seen at Nicholson rd and regal area of Elk WA

Please contact Laura with any information:


Lost Dog 1/22/18-Mill and hwy 53 in Rathdrum

Lost neutered male dog: Please help us to find Benny! He and his sister got out and she didn't survive. We have been looking everywhere for him. We have been with these dogs since the day they were born and this is the 1st time they have ever gotten out, please help!

Contact Michelle with any information:

Phone: 509-768-7307


Lost cat mid-February 2018 Newport West 8th St

Neutered male, last seen near West 8th Street Newport WA

Please contact April with any information:

Phone: 208-699-6283


 Lost cat 3/20/18 Diamond Lake area

His name is Panther. He is 2 years old. All black with little bit of white hair on his chest. (not very much). He also cross-eyes ish. He slobbers when you are petting him. He also chipped under different name (carson).

Please contact Angela with any information

Phone: 509-954-3786


Lost cat 3/4/18 Diamond Lake area

Female tortoise shell with white patch on chest

Please contact Angie with any information:

Phone: 509-216-2256


 Lost dogs 4/2/2018 off hwy 20 between McCloud and Deeter

Lost 2 labs, one yellow female lab with pink collar and one black male with blue collar. Last seen near 283 Apling lane Newport WA.  Off highway 20 between McCloud and Deeter

Please contact Danielle with any information

Phone: (509) 224-9204


 Lost Dog 7/1/17 Hwy 20 and Deeter Road Newport WA

Lost on 427551 Hwy 20 by Deeter Road Newport WA

Mogen is a brown short haired mix Rhodesian Ridgeback, Australian Shepherd, Pitbull around 40 pounds.  He has a very distinct stripe down his back that is dark brown, a patch of white chest hair and white nose. He's chipped and when last seen had a Green Bay Packers collar and tags with contact info.

Please contact Jamie with any information

Phone: 509-868-7269


 Lost Dog 7/4/17 Sailors Lane, Priest River ID/Newport WA

Spayed female with bright blue eyes, she is a small Australian shepherd. Her coat is tortoiseshell colored. Multicolor of red, brown, tan, white, blue.  She has long hair, with a curled tail.  She ran away due to fireworks and is wary of other people but she may come to you because she is scared. Her name is Minka.

Please contact Caitlin with any information

Phone: 509-863-8979


Lost 2 Dog 10/7/17-Old Priest River Road

It's 2 dogs, mom she is a dark brindle and her puppy that's 8 mouths old. He is now taller then her. And he is a light brindle. They went missing together. If you have them or any info pleases call me at the number below. Thank you. .

Please contact Brittney with any information:

Phone: 208-304-7389